Two Hours on a Snowy Saturday

IMAG0012Two hours…

That’s how long it took me to prep for next weeks dinners, snacks, breakfast and one dessert. I did not prep my mason jar salads for lunch yet. Mainly because I don’t want to fix the salads too far ahead.

Honestly, it didn’t feel like two hours. I wasn’t rushed or tired from a day at work, so I was able to enjoy my time in the kitchen. I think each time (if I am able to continue this each week), it will become easier, and I will enjoy it even more.

One snag along the way…I have two vegetables I was not able to prep. The produce was not great at the grocery store. Normally, I am pleased with the selection, so I am chalking this up to the amount of snow we had this past week. I will prep those two items tomorrow after I make a trip to another grocery store.

The process…

1. Have your meal plan & recipes handy. You will need them to make sure you prep everything you can and so you know the quantities for each recipe.

2. Write out a list of what you are going to prep for the week. I had already typed up a list when I did my meal plan, but I wrote it out again so I could double check that I hadn’t forgotten anything. Also, it helped me think through what items had changed or I would have to add later.


3. I started with prepping the meat for my meals (3 lbs of chicken). I should have done this earlier in the day, so my chicken would be done before my prep time was over.


4. Then I cooked the quinoa. I doubled the amount I needed so I could use some in my salads for the week.

5. While the quinoa was cooking, I mixed up the chewy chocolate peppermint cookies and put those in to bake.

6. Next, I made up snacks for the week. I decided to organize them in a bowl so we could easily see what the snacks were for the week. I usually have a list, but I like the idea of a snack bowl!


7. I also prepped the ingredients for the pancakes I am making next week. I separated the ingredients by dry/wet and will combine them the morning I make them.

8. Then I started working on cutting up the vegetables for my meals. I put them in bags by meal (minus the chicken still cooking and the two vegetables I need to get from the store). I did not put all the ingredients in the bags (i.e. spices). I might try this next time, but I wanted to focus on the prep that seems to take the longest.

frozen meal

And that was it!

In case you want to know my specific meal plan, you can read more about it at this post.


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