Do What You Can Do!

This is a long post but hopefully it is either encouraging to you or empowering! Do what you can do and build from there!!! Over 8 years ago, I suffered from chronic sinus infections, got sick multiple times a year and anything I got lingered for weeks. To the average person, I was healthy, but … Continue reading Do What You Can Do!


One Size Does Not Fit All!

Have you ever bought a “one size fits all” item and realized that one size doesn’t really fit all? Yep, me too! It can be really frustrating!  How is it that we assume health and fitness are the same?  January tends to be the month that many people want to improve their health. Maybe lose … Continue reading One Size Does Not Fit All!

Ketogenic Diet Resources

I'll admit I was so skeptical when I first starting seeing people doing the ketogenic diet. My first impressions were not favorable because often what I was seeing was not really about a healthy lifestyle. So like I always do, I start to research. Turns out, as with any eating plan, you have varying levels … Continue reading Ketogenic Diet Resources

Fit & Healthy

I haven't done one of these in a long time, so thought I'd do a post about my favorite healthy things right now... Recipe: Gimme Some Oven Best Baked Sweet Potato Fries I love sweet potatoes all the ways! Of course that includes as fries! These did not disappoint especially since they were extra crispy … Continue reading Fit & Healthy

Runners Raise Your Hands

The big reason why I have stayed on social media is because so many people personally talk to me about my health, fitness, nutrition related posts. I often hear, "I really appreciate your meal ideas." Or "I miss your healthy lifestyle posts." Or "Your post inspired me to..." So... I am listening to all these … Continue reading Runners Raise Your Hands