Runners Raise Your Hands

The big reason why I have stayed on social media is because so many people personally talk to me about my health, fitness, nutrition related posts. I often hear, “I really appreciate your meal ideas.” Or “I miss your healthy lifestyle posts.” Or “Your post inspired me to…”


I am listening to all these great health podcasts, and I know that many of you may not want to take the time to listen. I thought I’d do a THREE by THREE (3×3) post ~ the top three things I learned from the podcast and my top three take-a-ways or applications.


I hope so!

Today’s post was really hard to narrow down to 3×3! This podcast had so many nuggets of information and as always Shawn is dropping the research!

Find this podcast to listen to at The Model Health Show | Episode 211 | The Great Cardio Myth with Craig Ballantyne or on Youtube below.

*Disclaimer, if you love running or cardio, I am not saying you have to stop. Be smart and know why you are doing it.

But on the other side, I hear so many people say they hate it or just don’t want to do it. I’m giving you permission today with research to say “no” to traditional cardio.

Top Three Things I Learned:

  1. You don’t need a lot of time working out to be fit or for heart health.
    • In a study mentioned, four minutes of a Tabata style workout improved cardio performance by the same amount as 30 minutes of traditional cardio. Tabata also improved muscular endurance performance where cardio did not. That’s 25 less minutes people!
    • Some recent studies are showing for heart health, seven minutes a couple times a week is sufficient.
    • Heart health is significantly dependent on the nutrition we put into our body.
  2. Low-calorie diets coupled with lots of cardio can lead to the body reserving energy by storing more fat. In the long run, this can cause a metabolic slow-down in the body. Meaning = you end up burning even less calories at your resting metabolic rate than when you started your plan.
  3. If you don’t want to gain a lot of muscle mass, use more body weight exercises in your strength training.

Top Three Take-a-ways:

  1. Only run for the LOVE of running. If you don’t love it, don’t do it!  Consider a workout rhythm that is  more HIIT and strength focused and just be active every day.
    • The statistics showing a correlation between endurance cardio and sudden death is scary.
    • You are not a professional athlete. They have way more in their favor to limit the risks of injury and death including the schedule and time to train, nutrition on point, sleeping smart, no normal work stress, recovery genetics in some cases and bio-mechanics.
  2. You can’t run off the calories you eat. Not only because cardio machines and trackers lie to us about how much we are burning, but because typical splurges are way more than what we burn in 30 minutes.
  3. If fitness or longevity is your goal, place more focus on what you eat and staying active everyday. Researchers have found in people in Blue Zones who live longer and healthier lives that they are focused on nutrient-dense foods, being active (walking/everyday activities), reducing stress, etc. These groups are not running or doing endurance sports to be healthy.

Mindset shift: We shouldn’t punish ourselves with working out because of what we eat. We should focus on how we can perform better because of how we nourish our body.

Bottom line: I’m buying the book.

Do I have a lot of books to read? Yes.

But I’m so curious to learn more. I can’t help myself.

Hope this was helpful!

Get the book: The Great Cardio Myth
Sample four minute workout from Craig Ballantyne
The Model Health Show for more amazing podcasts


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