Happy New Year!

This time last year I had already worked on setting new goals for 2018. I used the Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets, and I loved every aspect of the process it took me through. I’ve asked myself several times if I was going to do it again this year and I’ve decided I’m not. I am going to revisit my goals from last year and maybe refresh them.

In case you are wondering, in a “new year’s resolution skeptical tone” if I stuck to all my goals. No, I didn’t stick to every aspect of my goals. BUT the process I went through and what I did achieve led to re-engaging some of my personal values I had let go and led to a big life changing decision.

Lesson learned for me ~ even if we don’t achieve the every day goals we set, we still can walk away with learning more about ourselves. And we can still see changes in how we live our lives that makes setting goals important. I believe that we are innately drawn to grow and change.

How we each do that may look different. For me, it means reflecting and intentionally thinking about how I want to live differently. I also believe that the expectations for life that we set determine how we live our lives.

Live in defeat and you will be defeated. Embrace joy and you will be joyful. Expect your life to be full, meaningful and to grow and you will see it happen. It may not be in the tangible ways we think or others may think, but it will happen.

Our expectations are a powerful way to define the life we live. So think of goals for the new year, new year’s resolutions or your 2019 intentions as simply expectations or an attitude of anticipation for how you want to live life. Then go out and live that way.

Happy soon to be New Year! XO, Liz

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.  ~Jeremiah 29:11


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