Fit & Healthy

I haven't done one of these in a long time, so thought I'd do a post about my favorite healthy things right now... Recipe: Gimme Some Oven Best Baked Sweet Potato Fries I love sweet potatoes all the ways! Of course that includes as fries! These did not disappoint especially since they were extra crispy … Continue reading Fit & Healthy

Loving Yourself

For those that doubt that loving yourself is a noble virtue to obtain, I was there too! Have you heard of the Golden Rule? Love your neighbor as yourself. Let me point out the part I always ignored - as yourself. If your brain is saying, we shouldn't be selfish, like my brain did for … Continue reading Loving Yourself

Are you weary?

We all have weary seasons, right? Mabye you are in one right now. Sometimes weariness comes from one big thing  or sometimes it can be from many little things that build. You may not even be able to articulate what is making you feel weary. It could be that just nothing feels easy in your everyday life.  Physical … Continue reading Are you weary?

Mental Workouts & Burpees

Does anyone else dream about all the things you could do if you had no obligations like work, kids, family, problems? Like sip kombucha on your Pinterest worthy patio oasis while listening to your favorite podcast and snapchatting your happy life? It's easy to think that another version of your life would be better.  We … Continue reading Mental Workouts & Burpees