Fit Busy Lizzie

That’s me – Fit Busy Lizzie. Busy Lizzie was my nickname growing up for obvious reasons. Although I have had some unhealthy seasons of life with busyness, I am learning the need to slow down in life and enjoy the moments! But I still acknowledge that at my core, I love to be active and … Continue reading Fit Busy Lizzie

Finding an Online Fitness Community

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle has always been a passion of mine, but during different seasons of life, I have not made it a priority like I want. I am so thankful for my online fitness community! It really is one of the biggest reasons I have been consistent in my healthy lifestyle the last few … Continue reading Finding an Online Fitness Community

Fit & Healthy

This week's favorite fit & healthy links... Recipe: Pumpkin Chai Muffins Great protein packed snack. I would have never thought to brew chai tea to give them a chai flavor. So good! Fitness: Training Program for 5k, 10k or Half Marathon I thought after my race today, this would be a great post to share. I remember training … Continue reading Fit & Healthy

Fit & Healthy

This week's favorite fit & healthy links... Recipe: Fit Men Cook's Mediterranean Pizza This one I haven't made in a while. But I thought I'd highlight it because it was a hit with all the eaters in our house a few years ago even my middle school nephew. Fitness: Short Workouts for Busy Schedules Booty Workout - … Continue reading Fit & Healthy

Press On

I'm learning a lot the last several years about living in the moment (being present). But there are times when living in a moment especially a moment of defeat can lead to discouragement or even moments of defeat that compound in our minds and become crippling. It can become a way we allow the less … Continue reading Press On