A Heart for Healthy Living

Anyone that knows me well knows I’m passionate about healthy living. I’ve shared my why’s here and there. But I wanted to share some of the heart of my passion.

I can remember as far back as high school being interested in how my food choices influenced how I eat. I’ve not always been faithful to this passion, but over the years I have been a growing student of studying health and nutrition.

I remember taking pre-med biology in college as a science elective and biological psychology as another elective and loving both classes!

As I’ve studied more and more over the years, I have become fascinated with the biology of our choices and the body’s responses. I’ve become in the process more and more in awe of our Creator.

For example, I love that God linked exposure to the sun with the production of vitamin D in our bodies in a way that creates a healthy life. I crave the sun not just for it’s light or warmth (come on Indiana spring), but for what it produces in my body!

I think about how creative and extensive our God is that He has created not just us but a universe that supports life? Not just in a mediocre way but in a way that combines seemingly random parts of that universe to actually create a healthy and thriving life. Sometimes it literally overwhelms me to think of it all and the complexity.

Now one could argue that we don’t all have this healthy and thriving life I’m elluding to. But I believe that a majority of chronic diseases are because of choices we make that are counter productive to how God has created us to live to be healthy. 

Yes, we have our intelligence to broaden medicine. But even as we have used this intelligence to bring innovation to medicine, we still have seen an increase in chronic disease. I absolutely value medicine and I’ve seen it save the lives of some family members. And I have a deep respect for those that devote their life to this field. I absolutely believe for acute care, it is the best. But I think when we look to medicine to solve all our health problems, we limit the actual intelligence God has gifted us with.

You see limiting our solutions to problems from one perspective creates tunnel vision. Like getting in a car accident and not realizing in some cases you may have to have both a collision repair specialist and a car mechanic fix your car.

So what are the other solutions to creating a healthy body?

Just like fixing our car, we may need multiple experts or perspectives. What habits can we change or influence that impact our health? This may mean seeking help from a nutritionist or practitioner that understands functional medicine. Or seeing a counselor to understand and manage our stress.

All of this for me goes back to the interconnected ways God created our bodies. Again, how amazing is He as a creator beyond what any human has invented or created?

So if you didn’t know, now you know. I’m passionate about healthy living. I’m passionate about healthy living because I’m awed by the creator of our health.


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