Finding an Online Fitness Community

findingPursuing a healthy lifestyle has always been a passion of mine, but during different seasons of life, I have not made it a priority like I want. I am so thankful for my online fitness community! It really is one of the biggest reasons I have been consistent in my healthy lifestyle the last few years. And it continues to challenge me!

It took me a while to find a specific community with which to engage, and for a while, I followed lots of random people. I still do follow some random people. Following too many random people can create confusion sometimes because there are so many versions of healthy out there. I recently (last fall) decided to narrow it down and focus in on one specific community. This has really helped me with accountability. I thought I’d share why I chose Tone It Up. Maybe, it will help you find an online fitness community that works for you.

Why I chose Tone It Up:

  1. It isn’t based on a quick weight loss gimmick, and emphasizes solid nutritional principles. There is no pill, no trick to losing 20 lbs in 2 weeks or whatever outrageous claims you always hear. We have to face reality that there is no quick way to lose weight that creates long term results.
  2. It puts an emphasis on a lifestyle. It isn’t a short term diet, but a long term way to live.
  3. You don’t starve yourself on the plan. You eat lots of healthy, nutritious, whole foods.
  4. It isn’t just a business. It’s a community. When you can take a business and make it feel personal, you know your heart and soul are in it. I see this with how my husband pours himself into the family business. A business can be about the people you are serving not the money.
  5. It’s all about inspiration, not comparison. I’m challenged but not discouraged by what I see. I have all these women around the world encouraging me, and I get to encourage them as well! Recently, I connected with some local TIU girls, and I can’t wait to get to know them better.
  6. It’s not expensive – it’s a one time cost. And you can just enjoy the free content without becoming a member although I’m so glad I did.
  7. Tone It Up’s values line up with my personal values. Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat.

If you want to prioritize your health in 2017, find an online fitness community that…

  • Is based on a healthy lifestyle.
  • Puts an emphasis on eating a variety of whole and healthy foods.
  • Makes you feel a part of a bigger community.
  • Inspires you.
  • Doesn’t break your bank.
  • Matches your own values.

Hoping you find in this new year a healthier one than the year before! Xoxo, Liz


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