Strength Training – Feel the Burn!

One of my favorite exercise routines is my strength training routine. It goes fast, I am able to incorporate different forms of exercise (cardio & strength), and I can get a full body workout done. I definitely feel the good fatigue and burn when I am done, so I know I have “worked” out.MP900405152

I get bored easily with the same routine week after week, so I switch up my routine regularly. I do have a few exercises I love to do, so I include those regularly. I don’t necessarily love them because I enjoy doing them but because I know the results I get from doing them. Even though I do include some exercises regularly in my routine, I rarely do the same identical routine from week to week.

I thought I would share some of my routines from time to time in case you are bored with yours.

Strength Workout

What’s your favorite strength training exercise?


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