Persistent Joy

joyI have a fear that I don’t want to overcome. Why? Because I think it is a healthy fear. I read a book years ago called “The Gift of Fear” and although the fear in the book is different than the fear I’m going to tell you about, the book helped me realize that there are healthy fears.

I don’t want to grow old and become unhappy, bitter or discontent. I want a persistent joy in my life.

Why am I fearful of this? Because I see someone young in years and their faith in God full of peace and joy. And then I see someone else years older than me that has had a relationship with God for years, and they are discontent, bitter, angry, unhappy.

So I ask myself, shouldn’t the fruits of the Spirit grow or multiply in us the longer we know God and live life? If this isn’t natural, then how do I intentionally see those fruits of love, joy, peace…grow?

God says in 2 Peter 1 that He has given us everything we need to live a godly life. As we grow in our knowledge of Him, grace and peace also grow. His promises enable us to have that supernatural joy and peace and escape discontentment, anger, bitterness. But we have to respond to His promises which means we need to know Him (and them). You can know a promise someone has made but not really respond or believe or have faith in it unless you know well the person who made the promise. Then we are able to trust and have faith. Then we are enabled to have joy – a persistent joy.

For this fear to be healthy, I need to respond by doing what I know I need to do – spend time with God now and continue that into my later years in life. Then I will experience that persistent joy!


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