TMI – it’s what you think!


Being sick gives extra time for reflection, but when your head’s next to the toilet, it’s not exactly quality reflection time. Nonetheless, these are my toilet reflections.

My emotions are unreliable to live life by, but I listen to them daily. At times, I put more weight in my emotions than I do other truth I try to prioritize soaking into my brain. I can go many days (I wish I could say weeks or months) sometimes with keeping my emotions in check and then hit a patch where it all gets out of balance. Fear creeps in, worry takes over, life gets dull and I’m easily irritated. I can deny it or ignore it but it doesn’t get them back in check.

I have to focus my thoughts on truth – God’s Word – His character. Listen to songs that lift up his character. Read God-breathed words about who He is. Journal my emotions and thoughts onto paper. Read books by authors that challenge me to think on these things. Have conversations with friends that challenge me to refocus. Sound simple? Not really. It may take many verses, many songs, many pages, many words to get there. But eventually, I do with the Spirit’s prompting and guiding.

I’m in one of those times now. Maybe it’s being sick and exhausted or maybe it’s what one friend of mine has said is Satan attacking me during a time I have been seeing growth and anticipation for what God has next. Either way, I anticipate, I pray, I listen, I read, I share. I’ll get there.


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