Slow Down!

The best is yet to come (1)Slowing down this weekend is giving me time to read/reflect. I’ve over just watching TV. It makes me feel lazy even though I know I should rest to get over what I’ve probably been fighting for over 4 weeks.

It’s my nature to want to be productive, but I know I should rest this weekend. I mean really just sit and rest! I’ve been pushing through. So I’m taking time to reflect and read so I don’t feel lazy. It makes me remember how much I soak in during these times of reading and reflecting.

The last chunk of time was in February on vacation. Since then, life has been full force professionally and personally. So now that I’m sitting here taking time to do this, I think…

Why don’t I do this more often?

How do I develop the discipline of setting aside large chunks of time to read, reflect and rest without being forced to?

Today I don’t have all the answers figured out. I’ve just started asking the questions.

I have been reflecting a lot lately on the idea of Life Rhythms. I’m seeing myself in the monthly rhythm group. I’ve told every boss in recent years, “I am not a maintainer” which might be code for “I’m not wired for daily rhythm.” I like routine, but I like to look at it in bigger chunks rather than a day by day routine. I’ve struggled with daily Bible reading plans, but LOVE my larger times of Bible Study in a particular book!

If you are curious about Life Rhythms, check out more here.

I’ll leave you with this thought I’m reflecting on in light of some recent painful circumstances of a friend, the recent sickness of a family member and some of my own pain I’m not willing to go public with yet. To all of the above, I am saying over and over…the best is yet to come.

From Pastor Brian Houston in the recent Propel Collective:
THE BEST IS YET TO COME. In my book, Live Love Lead, I say it best: “This statement is a declaration to the future, my belief that the unknown can hold the greatest potential.” I think when we are living, loving and leading with and by the Spirit of God; we have nothing to be afraid of, or anxious about, not even the unknown details of our lives. I believe that spirit-filled Christians, the world over, can have confidence that on both sides of eternity, God has gone before us. He has paved the way for a life that is abundant–full of good plans and purposes–and that regardless of the temporal setbacks that we all face (health, finances, family, etc.) we can ALWAYS look to the future with great faith and expectation and say THE BEST IS YET TO COME!


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