Fit & Healthy During the Holidays

This week’s favorite fit & healthy links for the holiday season…

Recipe: Fall Veggie Stew by Tone It Up


Winter time is a great time for easy soups and stews. I added chicken to this recipe and cooked it in the crockpot. I love that it has parsnips and sweet potatoes to make a unique stew combination. 

Fitness: 10 Minute Box Circuit Workout


If you are like me, there are days in the winter you just can’t make yourself go outside to work out. Or maybe you find it hard to get your husband/boyfriend to exericse with you. The Lean Machines have some great cardio and strength options that both men and women can do together. They are efficient (I love intense, short workouts), and adaptable to your fitness level. Above is a great option for witner time cardio! 

Health: Powerful Phytonutrients Reduce Blood Pressure, Inflammation & Cholesterol


During my first two nutrition courses, I started to learn more about phytonutrients. We hear so much about vitamins and mineals but not as often do we hear about phytonutrients. Phytonutrients and phtyochemicals are so important for disease prevention and healing. What are they?

The American Cancer Society defines phytonutrients or phytochemicals as:

plant compounds like carotenoids, lycopene, resveratrol and phytosterols that are thought to have health-protecting qualities. They are found in plants such as fruits and vegetables, or things made from plants, like tofu or tea. Phytochemicals are best taken in by eating the foods that contain them rather than taking the supplements or pills

Once I started to learn more about phytonutrients, I started to understand why eating WHOLE foods was so important. A package or pill cannot replicate the chemical make-up of a plant. Eating food in the most unprocessed state gives the best health benefits.

Leadership: The Most Powerful Leadership Tool


The Most Powerful Leadership Tool = our words! This is true of all environments – not just work or church but our homes. Words have power.

Leadership from the Inside Out, “Churches where words of kindness and encouragement are plentiful have the aroma of life. I have walked into congregations and felt the health and joy that exist because of their culture of blessing. The opposite is true. Congregations and staff that are filled with criticism, backbiting, and gossip have the stench of death.”

Let’s work together to bless others and give off the aroma of life during this holiday season. Xoxo, until next time. Liz

If you have a recipe, fitness or health topic of interest, leave a comment and I’ll include an idea in a future post. 


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