Flat Abs Fast

How many times have you seen a title something like “Flat Abs Fast” on a magazine or ad? I am sorry if you came to this site looking for a quick way to get a six pack.  It isn’t that I have a secret I am not willing to share. There is just a huge misconception when it comes to flat abs.

I think the biggest misconception comes from how to obtain a six pack. Most people think or want to believe that you can get toned abs through ab exercises alone. There are now varying opinions on spot reduction of an area of your body.

An article in the American Journal of Physiology talks about the contradictions in the spot reduction theory.  Various experts always said that you can’t spot reduce, but research published in this article concluded “an acute bout of exercise can induce spot lipolysis and increased blood flow in adipose tissue adjacent to contracting skeletal muscle.” Lipolysis is basically what we refer to as burning fat. Even with this new research, I can personally attest to the fact that all the ab exercises I do regularly have not produced flat abs.

I have done a lot of reading over the last few years, and most legitimate sources will tell you it involves a comprehensive plan including targeted strength training, lowering your body fat usually through cardio exercises, and eating healthy. You can check out this article from www.livestrong.com.

Although this article does say that “nothing says physically fit like a flat, toned stomach.” I want to encourage the average person out there that you can be healthy and not have a six pack. I think that the average person will never obtain that goal.  If your goal is to be healthy, then here are some other measures you may use.



However, I don’t want to discourage those of you looking for a challenge such as getting a chiseled core. Just remember, that it will take discipline, time, and a comprehensive plan to reach your goal.


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