My Willpower and Blue Bell Ice Cream are like Superman with Kryptonite

I started my blog with the idea to impart knowledge that I come across through exploring my passion of exercise and nutrition. I have realized in conversations that people want to hear your own personal thoughts as well – sharing in a journey so we can learn, grow, celebrate together.

So here is a part of my journey – I am relatively happy with my level of fitness, but I still want to lose 5 pounds.  I have hit a plateau as many would say, but I know the source of the plateau.  I have no problem with being disciplined in my exercise or with pushing myself to the next level in my workouts.  I enjoy the accomplishment of exercise, the building of muscle, the flexibility gained. I crave those, but I have to admit, I don’t crave healthy foods as much as I do unhealthy.

My eating habits are my biggest downfall – I love sweets. Some of you that know me would say that I eat healthy.  Unfortunately, I see what I eat all day long and know I still have some eating habits that need to be adjusted.  I mean just hearing the words Blue Bell Ice Cream makes my willpower weaken like Superman with Kryptonite.

So do I or don’t I go to the next level with my eating habits? That is what I have been asking myself the last several weeks.  There has been this battle going on in my mind, and I know the only way to convince myself to make the change is to have multiple reasons.  If several things are motivating me, I am more likely to stick to it.

Instead of just letting those thoughts fade away in my mind, here I am putting them down on paper to remind me of all the reasons to give up my bad eating habits.  Number one on the list – lose 5 pounds. Number two – feel good because of what I eat.  Number three – have more energy. Number four – avoid long term health issues.  Number five – be a positive example to others.


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