Good intentions are not enough

I have a passion for health – specifically exercise and nutrition. If you know me well enough, you know this about me. So I started this website with the intention of blogging about exercise and nutrition. Over the last several months, I have only blogged three times.

I started to think about this and realized there is a correlation with healthy habits.  We often start out with the best intentions like a new exercise routine or a change in our eating habits, but intentions are not enough. It requires discipline!  We must set aside time in our schedule to do it – maybe even actually put it on your calendar.

So am I going to blog more? Right now, probably not. We also have to prioritize things in our lives and blogging is not the priority on my long to do list.  However, exercise and healthy eating are in my top priorities.  I encourage you to think about making exercise and healthy eating a priority and way to go if they already are!


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