Getting Better at Eating Well

I have often heard that you get better at something the more you do it. I have seen this principle come true in many areas of my life. So taking this truth in my life and applying it to eating well, I should be doing it more often so I get better at it. Right? By better at it, I mean it becomes second nature. I don’t have to think about it when presented with choices.

Now at one time, I was stellar at eating healthy! I guess that means I won’t have as much learning and practicing to get better again. I hope that is true because I desire to be at that place again in my life where eating healthy is second nature.

If I want to get better at something, I usually break it down into smaller chunks. And then I schedule time to practice & learn.  For eating healthy, this means focusing on adding in a few healthy habits at a time. It also means planning my menu and scheduling meals on particular days.

December is a hard month to start, but I have a few plans of action so I don’t waste the month with holiday excuses. My plan includes shopping at Trader Joe’s for most of my food. This will limit many of the foods that I tend to buy that really give little or no nutritional value. I can still get some substitutes for these foods at Trader Joe’s, but it will significantly limit the temptations.

Another part of my plan includes adding in two healthy habits I struggle with regularly.  I am going to commit to drinking water regularly – at least half of my body weight in ounces daily.  I also am increasing my fruit consumption from 1-2 cups per week to 1 cup per day.

I have already started working on them, but I am putting a reminder to “practice” them daily on my refrigerator.  I am sure I will miss days here and there, but as I make them a regular part of my eating habits it will become natural.

My encouragement to you is to find two-three healthy habits to add into your daily life this holiday season. Enjoy the treats this holiday season, but don’t waste the time either waiting until January 1.


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