Exercise Monotony – Help!

Variety is defined as the absence of monotony. The idea of doing something indefinitely drains me. I am a learner and need new challenges. I need variety if I am going to stick to a healthy lifestyle. I cannot eat the same foods over and over or do the same routine at the gym.

You will see on my exercise plan for the week, three different types of exercise: cardio, strength training, and yoga. Variety! Then within each of those types of exercise, again you will see variety. I switch my strength training routine and specific exercises about every 4-5 weeks. The DVD I use for yoga has 5 different session to choose from, and I also recently decided to throw in a Saturday class.

My cardio is the least varied, but I do vary my intervals of walking and running.The days I decide to go the gym, I try to add in other cardio equipment like the elliptical or stair machine (one of my favorites). I have also started to do some non-traditional moves on the treadmill from an exercise routine I saw on the internet (skipping and leaping).

My eating is no exception. I am constantly on the look out for new recipes. In fact, I have a HUGE recipe notebook filled with lots of recipe ideas and yet I search for more!

I get excited trying something new whether it is an exercise or healthy recipe. I love the challenge of finding something new that I will enjoy. And anytime I change things up, I get a little more motivation to continue.

Need ideas for new exercises or recipes? Just ask, and I will be happy to make suggestions or point you to some resources!



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