Guilty Eating

I got in a brief text conversation a few weeks ago with a friend where we both talked about breaking free from guilty eating. You know – the kind of eating you do because of the starving children in other countries?

I am not talking about feeling guilty about what you eat because you made a wrong choice. I am talking about eating because you feel guilty about making a healthy choice. When you know it isn’t healthy to eat all of your meal, but you do it anyway because of guilt. We both decided we are going to choose to not feel guilty about leaving food. We are making a choice for our health – no guilt.

Sometimes, you can avoid the extra food dilemma by splitting a meal with someone. That is not always practical. Or you could take some of it home. If that is not an option either, eat the appropriate portion and leave the rest!

I am not saying you should not care about the needs of others that don’t have the food we have, but don’t eat out of guilt. Donate food or money or time to a shelter instead of doing something that is unhealthy for your body!


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