Meal Planning

One of the most common things I get told when talking to people about nutrition and healthy eating is that they hate meal planning. I know this can be a huge barrier for some people to eat healthy on a regular basis. This is something I can honestly say I love to do. I find energy in going through my recipe books, healthy blogs, and emails to figure out the next week’s meals.

I have told a few friends I would help them with a sample meal plan. Because the request is so frequent, I am trying to think through a way to do this for many different people that have the same challenge. I have added a menu option for meal planning in hopes of making this a reality in the not too distant future. Be patient, I am working through the details of how to include multiple meal plans, grocery lists, links to recipes, and options for vegetarians.

Your comments would be helpful as I figure out the details. Would you like to see a meal plan with all meals and snacks or a dinner only plan? What else would be helpful?

So for now this section is COMING SOON with the hopes that it will be SOON!



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