Vacation & Eating

Hammock on BeachSoon we will leave to go on vacation, so I thought I would post some of my vacation eating thoughts & strategies. It’s good for me to remind myself by putting them down in writing. 

I don’t want my vacations to be just about food, so I have a goal of not gaining weight. I of course allow myself a few pounds, but it is nothing that requires me to work at removing it when I return. I definitely do enjoy food while I am on vacation, so I have posted some thoughts on how I balance this.

I usually eat a sensible breakfast most days treating myself to one day of an anything I want breakfast. Usually, I watch my portions as I have found on vacation when I overeat, I end up miserable and don’t enjoy planned activities. I try to stick with something I would fix at home or eat on a normal day out when I want to eat relatively healthy like ordering an egg white omelette with veggies.

Lunches vary widely based on what activities we have planned. We do tend to eat at more fast food type places for lunch, so more than anything I try to watch my portions. I am known for getting Happy Meals at McDonalds so I don’t eat too much. Or we go for a healthier option like Subway.

Most of the time at dinner, I share meals with Greg and add an extra side salad or veggie. Once again portion control is my strategy. We don’t necessarily watch what we order unless we are somewhere with amazing seafood, and there is a healthy, delicious option. One night I do choose a dinner where I order my own meal and order what sounds good. We often look through restaurant reviews and consider the location, carefully choosing a dinner on which we will really splurge!

I pack healthier snack options, so I don’t go for unhealthy ones on the road at gas stations or in airports. This trip we are flying, so I’ll pack some Skinny Cow treats that I can eat on the plane ride. I will also pack some type of protein bars for a snack option I can keep in my purse. This helps me not over eat if we have been walking a lot and our meals are spread out.

And finally, of course, I do splurge usually on some type of ice cream. Either at a frozen yogurt place or on a shake at an ice cream place. Depending on the climate, I might do this twice.

There is nothing really special about all this…I just try to stick to these overall strategies:

  • Portion Control (for about 80% of the meals I eat)
  • Splurging on a few meals or treats (choosing things I really want)
  • Supplementing my eating with healthier options I bring with me

How do you approach eating on vacation?


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