Think about it…

I am challenged by what I am learning in my nutrition class and the supplemental research it leads to. Two things we need to take seriously, what we eat and how active we are. It isn’t about quantity of life as medicine can prolong that. It is about quality of life. So here are two concepts that are challenging my thinking that I thought I would share.

1. The American diet is negatively impacting our quality of life. What specifically in the American diet has changed?

  • Addition of fructose 
  • Removal of fiber
  • Substitution of trans-fats

Watch this thought provoking video from Dr. Lustig.

2. Being active daily is important for your physical and mental health.

Read this study from Dr. Chuck Hillman and brain activity. There are various studies out there on physical and mental health and exercise if you explore further.

Brain Scan after Exercise
So I am challenging myself to be wiser in my eating choices and active in my daily life.

How does this challenge you to live differently?


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