My Favorite Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Thought I would share some of the apps I have used over the last few years to help me live a healthy lifestyle. The apps I use change from time to time because I’m kind of a tech geek. I’m always exploring new options and better ways to track things.

EndomondoEndomondo (
Fitness Activity Tracker
~I got a free subscription through Samsung Galaxy for the premium version and will most likely continue it after it expires. On the premium version I can follow a training plan and get virtual coaching. I love how easy this app makes my interval running. No need to look at a watch, figure out how fast you are going, the virtual coach tells you as you are running. Running takes a lot of mental energy for me, so the less for me to think about the better. Ha. Music is paused when she talks so you don’t have to worry about not hearing her. This app has lots of options to motivate you, challenges, news feeds of friends etc.

pepperplatePepperplate (
Meal Planner
~Essential part of a healthy lifestyle is planning out what you are going to eat! When we don’t, we will most likely make less healthy choices. I have tried several meal planning apps over the last several years, but this is the only one that I think really had the most to offer for free. I love that I can plan meals on my laptop, app, or tablet with this device. It synchs well and doesn’t have issues like some apps do. It also has a recipe feature where you can import recipes, or track the URL location. I have done this for some recipes. A nice feature to have available. It does have a grocery list as well which I currently don’t use because I was already using an app I liked for my grocery list. I may still explore this though at a later time.

fooducateFooducate (
Determine healthiest foods
~I love this app. It is a great app especially for newbies to healthy eating. It grades food with letters (like school) so you know the healthiest options to choose. It looks beyond just calories and makes you aware of sugar content, chemicals (for those trying to eat clean) and also fiber, fat etc. Just a great tool to educate yourself more on what foods are healthy to eat. Example: If you type in cottage cheese, it will let you know the grade of each cottage cheese and why. You can look by specific brand to see how it ranks or by a general item. Love, love, love it!

wateryourbodyWater Your Body
Water Drinking Tracker
~I have always understood that water is so important to drink, but I just typically get so focused I forget to drink it. After taking one of my nutrition classes, I realized I had to figure out a way to prioritize drinking it regularly. This app did it for me. This is the most consistent I have been in years at drinking water. You determine your goal, set your notification intervals and sound. You log different size containers as you drink them. You can also look back over your history to see if you are being consistent with your goal. Great app!

outofmilkOut of Milk (
Shopping & Pantry List Organizer
~Once again, like my meal planning app, I usually want an app that synchs across my laptop, phone and tablet. This one also for an additional fee will allow multiple users to share grocery lists. This is great for Greg and I so he can add items to the list. I love the pantry feature. I keep a list of healthy items I want to always keep on hand.

ToDoist (
To Do List Tracker
~This may seem like an odd app I use for healthy living, but it is what keeps me accountable to prioritize exercise. I have a recurring to do list item for each day of exercise. I also have healthy reminders, like a reminder to use the foam roller and prep my meals. This helps me set aside time to do the things I need to do to stay healthy. If I don’t plan it, life gets in the way, and it doesn’t happen. Life still gets in the way, but at least if it’s on my list I know what I my trader off is when I can’t get to it!

googlemusicGoogle Music
Music Player
~This may seem like an odd one, but I need music when I exercise. I have used Pandora, Spotify, Fit Radio, but right now, I am loving the Google Music Subscription. I never run out of music to listen to or get bored with, I don’t get commercial interruptions and I have unlimited skips if I don’t like the selection. I also love that this Music Player integrates with Endomondo as mentioned above.

~You might find this another odd one, but this is really how I connect with a community of people that prioritize a healthy lifestyle like I do. It’s not that there aren’t people around me that do it, but this is where I can see it regularly, get inspired and be challenged to continue. I follow healthy food bloggers, professional trainers and just regular women like me that want to be fit and healthy. I also love how you can find ideas for eating and fitness via hashtags.

netflixNetflix (
Stream Movices & TV Shows
~Again may seem like an odd app for a healthy lifestyle, but this is seriously at times the only thing that motivates me to exercise or get on my treadmill. Those winter months get long, and looking forward to watching a series helps me push through some of the monotony of the treadmill. Sometimes, I will set a “rule” that certain shows I can only watch on the treadmill.

fitbitFitbit (
Step & Activity Tracker
~I don’t use this app anymore, but I have in the past with my Fitbit. It does require the actual hardware you wear, but it is a great way to motivate you to move! The newer Fitbits also can track heartrate, have GPS, and other features. It just keeps expanding. Would still recommend it even though I’m not currently using mine. I’m sure I’ll get back to it at some point, but my exercise focus has changed for a season. This happens and I’ve learned to just go with it.

myfitpalMy Fitness Pal (
Eating and Calorie Tracker
~I used to use this app, but don’t anymore. It’s a great way to become more aware of how you eat. The more I study nutrition, the more I am not a fan of just tracking calories. For me, the quality of the calories are way more important. Yes, we do need to have portion control and this app helps. And it can help with quality if you don’t know a lot about nutrition. It’s important though to pay attention to the nutrient section of this app – sugar content, vitamins, minerals. Otherwise, if you are just tracking calories, you really could be starving your body of nutrients it needs. Still would recommend this app.

Do you have a favorite app? Let me know in the comments!


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