Fruity Goodness – Eat More Fruit

fruitI was the odd kid growing up that liked vegetables more than fruit, and I carried that into adulthood. I really didn’t start to enjoy fruit until about 3 years ago. I thought eating lots of vegetables was enough, but it isn’t. We need both, and I realized after taking a wellness quiz that I really wasn’t eating fruit at all. So I started to try to find ways to eat more fruit.

Here are some quick tips that helped me to eat more fruit…

  • take 10-15 minutes after grocery shopping to wash it & put it in bowls to make it easy to eat
  • put fast spoiling fruit in mason jars like berries so it lasts all week
  • pick fruits that are easy to eat on the go like bananas, clementines, grapes
  • add it to your morning snack ~ my favorite is yogurt topped with fruit & a little granola
  • make fruit your dessert in the evenings ~ mix a few types of fruit together, drizzle with some melted peanut butter & sprinkle with a few dark chocolate chips
  • add it to your breakfast in the morning by making a smoothie ~ you can prep these in advance in baggies so you have a variety
  • buy fruits you love at first & then start adding in new fruits to retrain your taste buds ~ yes you can retrain your taste buds
  • grab fruit each time you want to grab something with processed sugar

Leave a tip in the comments with how you eat more fruit!


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