Create Leaders, Not Followers

leadersYou may have come to my blog to get some healthy recipe ideas or tips for healthy living​. Those are usually the posts I write the most often. But when I started this blog, I also ​had a desire to blog about a healthy mind.​ By that, I​ mean all the best that can happen as you age so that you continue living life to the fullest…wise​, ​joyful ​and full of compassion. ​ ​

I have been led well and have been fortunate enough to have some great examples of leadership in my life over the years. I have also learned through my own inadequacies as a leader. And I’m still learning!!!

I have been thinking a lot ​lately ​about ​what I’ve learned over the years.​ These are things I don’t want to forget and reminders to myself in the future. Maybe something I’ve learned will resonate with you or you will have something to add for my benefit. Feel free to comment at the end of my post.​

​→ You can learn just as much from those you lead as you do from those leading you. Don’t stop learning​ and growing. Don’t let position dictate the worth of what someone can teach you.

​→ Sometimes you have to turn off your brain. It’s easy to always be evaluating, analyzing, thinking​,​ but our brains need a break. Explore a creative outlet. My default is TV or social media but these don’t provide the same relief my brain finds when I explore another one of my passions, interests or my creative side.​ ​​

​→ Talk through your stress. It’s a default to respond to overwhelming situations by getting stressed. When I say talk through it, I mean with God. There is no better giver of wisdom than God. We often stay in our stress when we talk with people about the situation, it often doesn’t lead to resolution. Praying​ and​ seeking God’s truth changes our perspective which is what we need. I’m not saying don’t get a godly perspective from a trusted friend, but make sure it’s not many friends ​or friends that just reinforce the stress. ​Our first response should be to cast our cares on Jesus.

​→ Embrace the messiness of leadership and life. Oh how hard this has been for my organized to the bone personality.​ It’s great to have a plan, but when we can’t adapt, we can easily fall into being disillusioned and disappointed in our circumstances. ​​​

​→ Work as if you are working to please God. ​There is a fine line between doing your best to glorify God and proving your own worth. It takes daily surrender to not cross over that line.​ When we focus on our worth, once again it can lead to disappointment or discouragement from failure.

​→ Pour into those you lead and those who lead you with encouragement. It’s easy to not say anything. When I encourage others, it becomes less about me and more about them. It changes my focus from my self to loving others.

​→ Lastly, create leaders, not followers. I love seeing people maximize their gifts and talents. Sometimes, it makes me push people too much. I have had to learn how to give space for people to grow at their own pace. It is a huge privilege and joy to be a part of the journey as they grow in their leadership.

What have you learned from leading or being led well? ​


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