2016 Resolutions

wpid-20151027_182221.jpgToo early for you to think about your 2016 resolutions? Maybe. But maybe it’s not too early to think about a different way of setting goals.

I’m trying something different leading up to 2016. I started in September (missed October – oops) and back at it in November.

I am writing 5-6 goals each month to review weekly. It’s a way to hold myself accountable. Plus, it focuses my goals based on the upcoming month. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out a year of resolutions – life changes. Plus, what we need to focus on can change. You might have a few recurring goals, but the monthly goal idea is more meaningful for me. It also keeps me accountable to review goals monthly versus setting them in January and then by March I can’t remember what they were.

Some of my goals that will repeat monthly are goals like regular exercise and eating healthy 80-85% of the time. Although October was way off track, so this is my refocus month before the holidays are in full force! But they aren’t just about exercise and eating. My goals include relational goals for time with God and time with my husband. Next month, there will probably be a goal focused on how I want to approach the holiday season.

What would your top goal be for November if you were to write it down right now?


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