Clean and Healthy Eating | Meal Ideas

mealprepideasI get asked for meal ideas all the time. So I thought I’d share my go-to meal list that I reference when I do meal planning. For each idea, I have tried to include a link to a Pinterest pin where you can find an example or a link to the recipe. Some recipes, I make up and don’t have a link for it, so I tried to note the ingredients. For more healthy recipe ideas, you can follow me on Pinterest or like my Facebook page where I often share recipe posts from other healthy food bloggers.


These ideas are more like staple meal ideas or meals that my husband really enjoys. I have many, many, many recipes between my recipe notebook, pins on Pinterest and my email. I don’t often have time to explore the endless recipes I collect, so I have created this quick reference list.


I hope this post gives you lots of clean and healthy eating ideas! It will definitely give you a feel for how we eat or try to eat most of the time.




  • soup like chicken salsa verde soup or taco soup (I double the meat/beans if needed to make it hearty for my husband.)
  • fresh cut up veggies, healthy tortilla chips and dip (hummus, artichoke/jalapeno greek dip)
  • melts (english muffin topped with hummus or laughing cow cheese, tomato, spinach, swiss cheese) – bake in oven till cheese melted and muffin is toasted
  • turkey burgers topped with sauteed veggies (mushrooms/green pepper, celery, onions, jalapeno) or cold veggies (avocado, tomato, green pepper, corn)
  • hard boiled eggs
  • pasta salad with chicken, lots of veggies and whole grain pasta topped with a little salad dressing
  • mason jar salads – endless combinations
  • black beans over quinoa or couscous topped with cut up fresh veggies like peppers, tomato, avocado
  • cottage cheese
  • leftovers


  • yogurt topped with fruit
  • fruit topped with chopped nuts or melted peanut butter and a little truwhip or dark chocolate chips
  • healthy cookie or muffin
  • mug cakes
  • smoothie (like oatmeal cookie smoothie)
  • tea latte (tea steeped in almond milk with a little stevia)
  • steamed edamame or crispy garbanzo beans
  • jerky (nitrate free version)
  • nuts especially pistachios and almonds


Here is the list I go through to figure out what I want to prep. I don’t necessarily prep all of this each week, but it helps me think through what I want to prep. It also helps me prioritize what is most beneficial to prep. I always prep my fresh fruits and vegetables.

Prep to eat clean all week:

Make veggies – fresh or roasted

Make fruits

Make mason jar salads or other lunch option

Make other snack items – hummus, peanut butter, & cottage cheese

Make healthy dessert

Make breakfast items – smoothies, oatmeal, egg casserole

Make carb – quinoa, rice, pasta or potatoes (baked or mashed)

Make protein – chicken, boiled eggs, black beans
Check out my resource page for some of my go-to healthy websites or my post on clean-eating for more information on what that means for our family.


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