It’s Worth It!


Don’t let anyone ever discount your healthy lifestyle journey! Seriously! Whether you are in shape or faithfully working towards trying to get healthy, you will have people judging your effort.

You’re in shape, people tell you how you don’t understand how hard it is to lose weight. Or they think you are naturally that way.

You’re losing weight in the process of getting healthier, you have people judging your lack of self-control because it doesn’t look like you are there yet.

It’s hard work either way – to maintain or lose weight! Don’t listen to the ignorance or comparison. Find a group of like minded people to encourage and support you.

You know the choices you make everyday to live a healthy lifestyle! The sweet treats you say no to, the sleep you give up to exercise, the time you spend cooking real food. You know it’s worth it. Keep it up and don’t let anyone else discourage you.

I’m sitting here thinking about six years ago being in the same location on vacation with less energy and less stamina. As I think about it, I know it was my break from our healthy lifestyle. Yep, even as passionate as I am about a healthy lifestyle, we have had longer period of times completely off track.

In those moments it’s hard to see how it negatively impacts our quality of life. Today, as I contemplate the contrast of then and now and what it means. I absolutely know it’s  worth it!

This is my written reminder. The sacrifices are worth the rewards.


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