Striving vs. Being

justbeIf you read my last post, you read my final reminder…the sacrifices are worth the rewards. I’m a learner at heart so I am always thinking about my life journey in terms of my health, my spirituality, my emotions and what I can do to learn in each season. I have had seasons of ignoring the inner learner and just getting by or barely surviving. Not a healthy place to be. Please Lord let me through your strength and never go back there.

One of the things God is constantly teaching me is that the journey is so much more important than the destination. Oh and wow things are easier if I’m not just looking to the end. This is true in all areas of my life.

When I used to just focus on losing weight to be thin or a certain number on the scale (so glad to leave those early years behind), it took so much effort. And I always went back to my old ways of unhealthy eating. The end result wasn’t enough!

News flash, you are fighting the natural process of aging – body changing, metabolism changing. Oh man if you think it’s hard in your 20’s or 30’s, just wait till you get to your 40’s, it’s another level of aging! And I’m sure I’ll say the same about my 40’s in my 50’s. Ladies, in your 20’s, this is as good as it gets with the least effort! It only takes more effort as you age!

When I focus on how I feel eating healthy, how strong I am, how much energy I have and how I don’t get sick like I used to, it makes the healthy lifestyle choices easier. It makes the choices have meaning during the journey not just a striving to reach an end.

It’s perspective, not striving but being. Being in the moment seeing how the choices I am making go beyond an end goal. It’s about the journey, how I am taking care of my body. Doing it for reasons beyond how I look. Doing it so I can have more energy to give to others.

And this attitude fuels my determination so I’m not fighting against a healthy lifestyle but moving forward!


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