Fit & Healthy

This week’s favorite fit & healthy links

Recipe: Fit Men Cook’s Mediterranean Pizza


This one I haven’t made in a while. But I thought I’d highlight it because it was a hit with all the eaters in our house a few years ago even my middle school nephew.

Fitness: Short Workouts for Busy Schedules

Booty Workout – Great for building smaller muscle groups important for running. These are also muscles that get missed often with strength training workouts.

HIIT Workout – This workout uses boxing to create a HIIT style workout. Bonus, I love boxing!

Arms & Abs Workout – Love when I can work multiple muscle groups in a short time frame. This is a great, quick combo workout.

Yoga for After a Run – This is a great yoga sequence for after a run! I need to do it more often.

Don’t neglect your health during the holidays. Even completing 10 minutes a day will have health benefits. I have had seasons where that is all I could do, but it is good for the body and mind! Below I have included some articles that help us think through holiday priorities, so I love the idea of these short workouts when there needs to be give and take.

Health: CTC’s 10 Steps to the Healthiest Holidays Ever


This guide was a great reminder for me of the ways healthy choices play out in our lives especially during busy seasons. It’s not just physical, but spiritual and emotional. Great tips and an easy read with a cup of tea!

Leadership: Balance for the Holidays


And because I can’t get enough reminders about slowing down and finding the right balance for the holiday season, I’ve included this article by Propel. It’s not directly leadership, but I think the ideas in this article apply to leadership. I really could relate to how she would say she wanted to be less busy and how we forget that being less busy is something we have to train ourselves to be. I’ve said that to myself many times over the years! I am going to be honest, I have a reminder set every week that I read so I remember what priorities are important. I started this a couple years ago to “train” myself to prioritize the right things and not too many of them!

Let’s work on finding the right balance of healthy and busy this holiday season together, so we look back on this time with no regrets!  Xoxo, Liz


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