Fit & Healthy

This week’s favorite fit & healthy links

Recipe: Pumpkin Chai Muffins


Great protein packed snack. I would have never thought to brew chai tea to give them a chai flavor. So good!

Fitness: Training Program for 5k, 10k or Half Marathon


I thought after my race today, this would be a great post to share. I remember training for my first 5k and not even knowing how to start. Training programs are great to keep you on track, set realistic goals and help keep you injury free. (TIU girls from Indiana featured above!)

Health: Advantages to Being a Morning Person


Okay, this is a little unfair of me to post because I would say I’m more of a morning person. Although, I’m not naturally a super early morning person, and I like to ease into the morning. Different seasons, it’s been easier to get up early. I am trying to be more consistent with my morning wake time, seven days a week. This article was great motivation to keep at it!

Leadership: When God Doesn’t Choose You


This article was a great reminder to me to trust and hope in God’s purpose for my life. I have had so many dreams of what I might do or be in my lifetime, and it for sure hasn’t quite been what I expected. A word that has resurfaced so much over my lifetime is surrender. It’s the place I find myself in for what God has next or later for me. Loved this quote, “God won’t elevate us or give us something we aren’t ready for.” It reminds me to look expectantly to the future, but also to be aware in the present of what God is doing through me.

Stay warm! Xoxo, Liz


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