Happy Mothering Day

Nope that isn’t a typo! Thank you Jo Saxton for those words today for what I’ve felt for years. You may not be a biological mom, but you have the power to be a mother. Young, old, single, married, childless, you can be mothering without the biological act of being a mom. As women, we are wired to care for and protect, that’s one of the definitions I found in the dictionary for mother.

My friend Janna years ago gave me a Mother’s Day card, I still have it. I won’t forget it. It put words to something I did but didn’t see in myself – that mothering of others. Thank you friend for honoring me in that way.

Thank you to my sister today also for the Mother’s Day gift. I have had a couple nieces acknowledge me on mother’s day as well over the years. I cry tears of joy today for being honored in this way. Thank you all!   

I’m not writing this to congratulate myself or pat myself on the back.I haven’t always lived with my eyes open to the opportunities around me. My purpose for writing this is to pass along that same honor and acknowledgement that I have received to others who may go unrecognized tomorrow.

Someday, I’ll share my story of our struggle with getting pregnant, the pain and the peace that ultimately God brought about. It’s hard to put it all into words. It’s a wound that God has completely healed.

God has brought so much fulfillment in other ways in our lives through those that have lived with us and with those whom we get to journey through life. We are so blessed through so many relationships these 25 years of marriage.

Fulfillment does not come in a circumstance. It comes through how we love and serve others in God-honoring ways. Yes, circumstances can be painful, heart-wrenching and leave us broken. But God uses them on the other side for good – He always uses it for good. I trust this.

I want to encourage those who are childless, you have opportunities around you to love on and serve others. No matter your circumstances you can pour into others in ways that God will use to encourage and bring you fulfillment as a mom! If you are struggling with pain in this, bring it to God, He can heal that wound. It may take time, the deep wounds always do.

So maybe you are a mom and you have a friend in your life or family member that is childless, but pours into others. Acknowledge them, honor them, thank them. You may be the only person that does it.

To ALL the ladies in my life, I honor you! Happy Mothering Day!


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