Top Eating Tips

It’s almost January 1 and you may be thinking about a lifestyle change. Hopefully, not the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions because we all know the baggage that comes with those words. Instead, think of setting new intentions for living. Or setting goals for improved health as you start a new year.

No quick fixes here at this blog. I believe in the long haul. Crash diets don’t work in the long term, and you can do more damage to your hunger hormones and muscle mass in the process.

There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL for healthy eating.

I do love this quote from Michael Pollan, and it’s what we strive to live by in our lifestyle journey. “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”  In other words, eat whole foods in their closest form to what you get from nature. Don’t over do it. And make sure they are mainly plant based.

We also try to eat lean, clean and green which is just another way to say the above with an emphasis on eating lean and focusing on greens.

So with all that said, I do have three changes you can try this year that I believe will help you get a great start on your healthy eating journey!

  1. Limit dairy. There are higher quality calcium options in nature than dairy. And the hormones in most dairy is working against you. Read more here .  I understand I have another reason that makes this important to me since my body doesn’t digest dairy well or at all. But any one can enjoy the benefits of limiting it. There are better protein sources than dairy. And the extra calories you save by eliminating dairy will add up! This is an easy change, and there are plenty of delicious non-dairy options available. (Picture above is a delicious dairy free option from a recipe a friend sent me.)
  2. Limit starchy carbs after 3pm. This was a hard change for me. I waited many months before fully embracing this, but I have seen great results from it. Starchy carbs are converted to energy quickly. We need these carbs at the beginning of the day more than at the end. So when we eat them in large quantities at dinner, our body is more likely to store the excess as fat. You don’t have to completely eliminate them, just limit the amount and types. Plus, it’s okay to have dinners during the week with just protein and vegetables. Vegetables are still carbs and can be used for energy.
  3. Limit sugar. I’m not a no-sugar ever person. I think you can live a healthy lifestyle, and it can include sugar. BUT…it should be infrequent and in small quantities. When you do use sugar, try to use again more plant based or close to natural forms like honey or maple syrup. We have a “no high-fructose corn syrup allowed” rule in our house. Sugar should be an exception versus the norm. And make sure to check labels because it is in things you would be surprised by!

That’s it! Those are my top tips to try for the new year. This is what I share when I get in conversations with people about how to start a healthy lifestyle.

May you be blessed in 2018! Xo, Liz


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