Weight Loss Tips

I have lots of people ask me for ideas on how to lose weight, so I’m devoting a blog post to this topic. I’m not a professional in this area, but it doesn’t take long to figure out I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I read articles often, reflect on my own journey and … Continue reading Weight Loss Tips

My Favorite Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Thought I would share some of the apps I have used over the last few years to help me live a healthy lifestyle. The apps I use change from time to time because I'm kind of a tech geek. I'm always exploring new options and better ways to track things. Endomondo (endomondo.com) Fitness Activity Tracker … Continue reading My Favorite Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Tips to Prioritize Exercise

It's hard in our busy lives at times to prioritize exercise, and I'll be the first to admit that I haven't always prioritized it. I do currently have a lifestyle that includes regular exercise although I have had seasons where I have prioritized it more than I do now (more days per week/longer time periods). … Continue reading Tips to Prioritize Exercise

Clean Eating Guidelines

If you have followed my blog for a while, you probably have seen my philosophy on healthy eating change. I am a learner to the core (nickname Blonde Google) - always reading articles on nutrition, throw in taking some nutrition classes and then more reading and researching. It's a passion for me. And it's about way … Continue reading Clean Eating Guidelines

Too many reasons not to…

Sometimes I forget all the benefits to exercise, so I am creating a list. I can use this list to remind myself why I need to prioritize it! maintain or lose weight increased energy reduces stress improved mental health improves sleep reduces risk of heart disease controls blood pressure lowers cholesterol levels (LDL) & triglycerides … Continue reading Too many reasons not to…