Detox Reflections

Assorted fruit
This post is probably more for my benefit, so I don’t forget what I learned during my five day detox. I want to have a list of reminders to come back to since it is easy with time to forget.

  • Afternoon protein smoothies helped decrease my cravings for sweets and increased my energy
  • I wasn’t hungry for my evening snack. I realized I need to watch my evening snacking to make sure I am eating because I am hungry.
  • I was reminded of the reasons to minimize eating processed foods…
    • usually nutrient poor
    • inflammatory to the body because of the saturated fats it contains
    • contributes to unhealthy habits that lead to diseases such as heart disease & diabetes
    • acidic causing PH levels in the body to be unbalanced.

Next steps:

  • Be more intentional with what I eat.
  • Make salad dressings from scratch more often.
  • Drink tea most days and save coffee for a treat on the weekend.
  • Drink water a majority of the time, and drink a soda as a treat.
  • Focus on fresh fruit or whole foods for snacks instead of packaged food.
  • Limit added cheese to one meal a day and in small quantities.
  • Focus on nutrient dense foods for 85% of the week.

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