Breakfast You Can Prep

Mornings can be kind of crazy trying to get out the door, and it's so important not to skip breakfast in the process! So here are some breakfast ideas you can prep on Sunday to make it easier during the week. I included links from various food and fitness bloggers who I consistently follow! Protein … Continue reading Breakfast You Can Prep

Fit Busy Lizzie

That’s me – Fit Busy Lizzie. Busy Lizzie was my nickname growing up for obvious reasons. Although I have had some unhealthy seasons of life with busyness, I am learning the need to slow down in life and enjoy the moments! But I still acknowledge that at my core, I love to be active and … Continue reading Fit Busy Lizzie

BBQ Chicken Mason Jar Salad

Spring has me craving more salads, so I'm back to prepping weekly mason jar salads. This is one I made last week that was so delicious! I'll have it on repeat for a few weeks with some slight variations each week. Make it easy to prep by using whatever extra vegetables you have leftover. Or you can chop … Continue reading BBQ Chicken Mason Jar Salad

Healthy & Easy Breakfast Casserole

I don't know about you, but I love breakfast casseroles. Especially the kind with hashbrowns and cheese! I was struggling with this delicious craving, but didn't want to give into the unhealthy version. So I decided to modify the recipe and make a much healthier version. And it turned out amazing! So yummy! I started … Continue reading Healthy & Easy Breakfast Casserole

Clean and Healthy Eating | Meal Ideas

I get asked for meal ideas all the time. So I thought I’d share my go-to meal list that I reference when I do meal planning. For each idea, I have tried to include a link to a Pinterest pin where you can find an example or a link to the recipe. Some recipes, I … Continue reading Clean and Healthy Eating | Meal Ideas