Happy Mothering Day

Nope that isn’t a typo! Thank you Jo Saxton for those words today for what I’ve felt for years. You may not be a biological mom, but you have the power to be a mother. Young, old, single, married, childless, you can be mothering without the biological act of being a mom. As women, we … Continue reading Happy Mothering Day

What I’ve Learned in My…

I finished an amazingly insightful book on female leadership by Jo Saxton this week, and I’m sure it will be in my top five lifetime reads. One of her last assignments in our online book club was to journal five lessons of leadership we have learned. I did that today and while that was helpful … Continue reading What I’ve Learned in My…

Fit Busy Lizzie

That’s me – Fit Busy Lizzie. Busy Lizzie was my nickname growing up for obvious reasons. Although I have had some unhealthy seasons of life with busyness, I am learning the need to slow down in life and enjoy the moments! But I still acknowledge that at my core, I love to be active and … Continue reading Fit Busy Lizzie

Fit & Healthy

This week's favorite fit & healthy links... Recipe: Pumpkin Chai Muffins Great protein packed snack. I would have never thought to brew chai tea to give them a chai flavor. So good! Fitness: Training Program for 5k, 10k or Half Marathon I thought after my race today, this would be a great post to share. I remember training … Continue reading Fit & Healthy

Fit & Healthy

This week's favorite fit & healthy links... Recipe: Fit Men Cook's Mediterranean Pizza This one I haven't made in a while. But I thought I'd highlight it because it was a hit with all the eaters in our house a few years ago even my middle school nephew. Fitness: Short Workouts for Busy Schedules Booty Workout - … Continue reading Fit & Healthy