I Still Mourn... It was a busy Saturday afternoon at the grocery store. The time of day I don't like to come. I'm in the zone with my list. As I wait in line, I watch the family in front of me. I make judgements I shouldn't when the mom seems overly irritated. Then I … Continue reading

Don’t Settle for Less

Don't settle for less. This is something I have to remind myself of often. I am my own defeatist as much as I can be my own champion in my goals and dreams. Can you relate? I have a passion that's been a part of who I am since I first saw glimpses in high … Continue reading Don’t Settle for Less

All About That Smoothie!

I was just telling a friend that I think my smoothie obsession came from some unhealthy habits I had as a teenager. I love ice cream and would have ice cream often after dinner growing up. I also loved malts, shakes and worked at a frozen yogurt store. Heaven for a job. My dad found … Continue reading All About That Smoothie!

What I Eat

This is one of the most common questions I get asked about my healthy lifestyle. What kinds of things do you eat?  So here's our go-to list currently because it changes and expands depending on the season of life! Breakfast Smoothies, smoothies and more smoothies Check out this guide on how to make the perfect smoothie … Continue reading What I Eat